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Geometrix Salon & Day Spa

Offers its clients a full range of amenities including hair services, waxing services,
manicures and pedicures, nail treatments, and massage therapy sessions. Our location in downtown Mobile, 
Alabama, is convenient to both Mobile and Baldwin counties

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Geometrix Salon & Spa,


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Geometrix Manicures & Pedicures

Manicuries & Pedicures


Manicure (regular)


Pedicure (regular)        




Geometrix Hair Services

Hair Services




$45 and up


$75 and up


$55 and up

Set/Up Do

$50 and up

Foil Highlight

$75 and up

Permanent Color

$65 and up

Dimensional Color

$10 per color +

Rod Set

$65 and up

Corrective Color


Body Wave

$85 and up

Hot Oil Treatment

$10 and up

Super Reconstructor

$15 and up


$55 and up



2-Strand Twists



Hair Extensions Based on Consultation

at place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

Geometrix Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment


Acrylic (full set) 


Acrylic (fill in)


Parafin Treatment


Nail Repair


Color Change


French Manicure


American Manicure


Color Change (French)


Color Change (American)

Geometrix Waxing Services

Waxing Services








Neck Wax


Half Leg

$45 and up

Full Leg

$60 and up

Half Arm

$30 and up

Full Arm

$40 and up

Under Arm

$20 and up

Full Body

$160 and up


Geometrix Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage focuses on intense friction movements that penetrate down into your tissues, where there may be tension.
30 min: $60 | 60 min: $80 | 90 min: $140


Swedish Massage
This massage uses a mixture of various movements including friction, effleurage, and kneading. Helps to release tension and sore muscles, increases circulation, and improves skin and muscle tone.
30 min: $50 | 60 min: $60 | 90 min: $130


Neck & Shoulder Massage
This relaxing massage is designed specifically for the neck and shoulder area. Focused pressure is applied to specific points to reduce tension and stress and to provide a great pick-me-up from every day stresses.
30 min: $50 | 60 min: $75


Hot Stone Massage
This massage incorporates the use of heated stones that glide against your body to provide deep relaxation. The heat from the stones relieves tension by radiating deep into the muscles and decreasing stress.
30 min: $65 | 60 min: $105 | 90 min: $155

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